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Founder’s Message

In my nearly 28 years in the industry, I have almost always been involved in the making and baking of new investment strategies, new products, new platforms, new sales forces, and the building of new stories. I love it. I am delighted to see the small, emerging, talented investment manager dare to market their strategies in the face of a never-ending list of hurdles. I believe in the spirit of the entrepreneur and their right to try.

I have seen new strategies and new products from all perspectives. When I was growing up, my father would pick my sisters and me up at school sometimes…we didn’t go straight home. It was a burger in the car, while he did the rounds as an advisor dropping off client paperwork. I frequently worked weekends with my father, helping with mailings and filings. He was a great advisor he knew what it meant to his family and his client service was superb.

Unfortunately, in this industry, most professional advisors do not have access to elite Emerging Managers. They are deemed too risky by their firms, because they have less than $5 billion and less than a five-year track record and a small staff, and the list goes on. The truth though, is that professional advisors of all firm types (RIA/BD/FO) need Emerging Managers because they outperform. Emerging Managers are terribly underserved in the retail channel space and that is why we intend to level the playing field.

Emerging Managers haven’t over systemized the risk out of their strategies, therefore they still have creativity. The stock picker isn’t so far away from the final portfolio that they can’t see the benefit or feel the value of their input. Emerging Managers have lots of challenges, but their freedom of thought and action can produce great results in their determination.

In my previous role, as a Partner at Sandhill Investment Management, I worked very closely with the challenges facing Emerging Managers. And I saw a broad opportunity not only in their distribution but also in guiding and helping them to put their best opportunity forward. I firmly believe that all I have learned over the years can help make a difference. I am passionate about client service, advisor support…and never, never, ever giving up.



To be recognized for empowering high- caliber emerging investment managers by providing both guidance and distribution expertise while building shelf space for this industry segment globally.


We stand for managerial excellence, disciplined investment processes, proven track record success, clean compliance and an impeccable regulatory record. Whether it’s for the investment managers we support or for our valued distribution relationships, you can be confident that Emerge Capital Management will strictly adhere to all compliance and regulatory standards.


Emerge Capital Management is a team of experts focused on opening new doors for high-caliber emerging managers who meet our stringent standards by serving as a resource and an advocate on all levels.

Emerge Capital Management

It’s all about relationships.

Emerge Capital Management was founded on the belief that relationships at every level, and especially those with Elite Emerging Managers, are the driving force of our rapidly changing industry. That is why our dedicated Team of experts is committed to helping this very promising, yet extremely underserved, segment find their place to grow and thrive in the jungle of their hulking rivals.

To complement our own Team, Emerge has formed a strong collaboration with Folio Dynamix, one of the very best wealth management technology firms in the business, and created the Emerge-Emerging Managers Platform.

Additionally, we remain in constant contact with a vast portfolio of colleagues in many critical areas including family offices, non-profits and retail channel SMA space.

We believe that an investment in relationships yield only positive returns and we look forward to the opportunity to invest in a relationship with you.