Elite Emerging Managers

Emerge provides full national institutional sales support for our elite Emerging Managers through a two phase process. First, we complete our due diligence, then carefully examine your market potential from every angle. Then, we work with you to develop a full institutional sales plan and go to market.

Throughout the first phase, our team is devoted to thoroughly researching our EMMs so that we understand their business as well as we do our own. This process includes:

  • Learning their investment process;
  • Examining your Track record during several market cycles;
  • Manager pedigree
  • Examining infrastructure (are they ready to scale);
  • Checking which mandates they presently offer and choosing those they should offer to launch;
  • Discovering which vehicles they have (SMA, funds, ETFs, etc.); and need
  • Helping create the marketing collateral needed (Newsletters, strategy updates, fact sheets, pitch books, etc.)
  • Developing a sales plan to include all critical segments:
    • Emerging Manager Programs
    • Consultants
    • Family Offices, Non-Profit
    • Retail Channel SMA space
  • Building a bridge to the retail channel space and insulating the emerging manager from becoming overwhelmed by the sales support required for success in this segment
  • Place agreed upon strategies on the EMP Platform (The Emerge/ FolioDynamix- Emerging Managers Platform)

The goal of selling institutionally for a small firm can be daunting. However, we break-down the project into manageable steps and provide the experience and support to get you to market.