Servicing premier investment managers, professional advisors, and institutions. At Emerge we know that you want to continue to be a valued advisor and in order to do that you need Emerge’s offerings of actively managed investment strategies, advisory support, and talented managers. We believe that every investor deserves access to the most forward-thinking strategies and investment managers.

Lisa Lake Langley

Founder’s Message

I grew up in the investment industry. My dad was also an advisor. I watched, learned and was inspired by him, and today, after 30 years in the business myself, I take my inspiration from creating opportunities for the next generation of high-caliber investment managers.

I believe in sustainability and social governance, and I will always advocate for emerging advisory talent, especially those who are often the most underrepresented in the financial sector. That is why I founded Emerge Capital Management Inc. and Emerge Canada Inc..

I am passionate about bringing forth new investment strategies for professional advisors and institutions by focusing on investment opportunities that uphold a high standard of sustainability and social governance. And at my core, I’m a builder. I love identifying and launching new investment strategies to help support and service advisors in the industry and I am a champion for DE&I initiatives across the industry.

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President, CEO, Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to open new doors for high-caliber emerging and/or diverse investment managers who are often underserved in the industry. We aim to do so by having a talented team of back-office support, a knowledgeable sales team, and a creative marketing team. Emerge aims to make sure that all team members have the opportunity to grow their career in a diverse work environment. We strive to have forward-thinking and premier investment products available to investors.

Our Vision

To be recognized for empowering high-caliber diverse and emerging investment managers by collaborating and giving each manager a platform.

Our Guiding Principles

We stand for managerial excellence, fostering success, celebrating diversity, disciplined investment processes, and stringent standards for both employees and investment managers we work with.

Our Team

The Emerge team is composed of a select group of highly trained, deeply motivated, and experienced professionals. We are committed to providing excellence in service and performance to our valued clients at every level from Emerging Managers to High Net Worth Investors.

We combine ongoing education with disciplined investment processes, and an unstoppable drive to bring you the Emerge advantage.

Lisa Lake Langley

President, CEO, Founder

Marc-Arthur L. Barthelemy

Director of Operations

Allison E. Langley

Director of Marketing

Theron K. Picketts

Director, Midwestern Region

Jonathan Haun

Investment Operations Analyst

Roody Souverain

Director of Investment Management Services

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Emerge Capital Management

It’s all about relationships

Emerge Capital Management was founded on the belief that relationships at every level are the driving force of our rapidly changing industry. That is why our dedicated team of experts is committed to helping very promising, yet extremely underserved, segments of the investment industry find their place to grow and thrive in the jungle of its hulking rivals.

Additionally, we remain in constant contact with a vast portfolio of colleagues in many critical areas including family offices, non-profits, and retail channel SMA space.

We believe that an investment in relationships yields only positive returns and we look forward to the opportunity to invest in a relationship with you.

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Emerge Capital Management

Women Portfolio Managers

“For those women who decide to strike out on their own to avoid existing roadblocks in multi-manager investment programs, it’s not an easy path.” Only 1% of assets are managed by women or minority-owned firms” (Knight Foundation)

Women investment portfolio managers are extraordinarily underutilized and underrepresented in the industry. Rules intended to support minorities make it difficult for women portfolio managers to own equity in smaller businesses and naturally develop the firm. The Emerge EMPWR Platform breaks down these barriers by supporting exceptional women portfolio managers and investment firm owners.


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