Emerge Year-End Review

Emerge Capital Management Year End Review & 2023 Outlook

As the team reflects on 2022, many notable things come to mind, and we are excited to continue the momentum as we move into 2023.

We grew our Emerge Capital Management team and we launched our major initiative EMPWR, a program dedicated to women portfolio managers to have a voice within the industry and commonality among peers. These initiatives and accomplishments are just the impetus of what to expect for our growth in this coming year. 


In 2022, we were proud to grow our team by welcoming Peter Gross, Sales Director, in Colorado covering the Western Region. We were also honored to promote Nicole Breitenstein to Vice President of Sales. They have already become integral to the Emerge Capital Management team, each offering their unique skill set and vision. We look forward to their continued contributions this year and embracing their talents. 


The Launch of EMPWR

The asset management industry has shamelessly maintained low levels of women investment managers and insufficient mentorship. This, along with my own experiences in the industry, is what inspired me to launch EMPWR. With everyone’s hard work and dedication, we finally launched EMPWR in September. It’s the first-of-its-kind program to promote experienced, high-caliber women investment managers. The program began with 10 ETFs – five in the U.S. and five in Canada. – and made history by having the first dual launch ETFs with the CBOE Exchange in the U.S. and the Neo Exchange in Canada. For a small investment fund firm like ours to lead such a significant initiative that has a major impact on the industry is a major accomplishment that we should all be very proud of.


The program currently has four exceptional women sub-advisors based out of the U.S. They have each created and are actively managing their own EMPWR ETFs based on their sectors of expertise while adhering to Emerge’s core sustainability standards.:



The launch of EMPWR has garnered significant interest among fellow investors and the press. We’ve received notable media coverage, including an exclusive on the program launch and its ETFs with Bloomberg: Emerge to Launch 10 Sustainable ETFs That Are All Run by Women. Bloomberg also just published a feature article last week highlighting the skills and experiences of our EMPWR talented investment managers: Women Rarely Manage ETFs. Meet the Team Looking to Change That. We have many more opportunities coming with EMPWR this year, with new additions to the program. We are delighted to continue our mentorship efforts and work with more exceptional women investment managers. 


Alongside the launch of the EMPWR ETFS, we also launched our new Emerge Capital Management website in September. The updated website better highlights Emerge’s products, services, and employees, and outlines all the EMPWR ETFs that are currently available. In Q1 2023, we will be enhancing our systems by implementing an advisor portal that will better support the advisors that we work with and offer a comprehensive approach to our services.


Looking Forward

We have big plans for 2023 and look forward to reaching new milestones. Above all, we’ll continue to work hard to diversify the industry and provide more support to our valued sub-advisers. We are thrilled to start the new year off with a big move. Our new office space on Pearl St. coincides with our team’s growth. This year, we will continue to grow and demonstrate our value as an impact-driven firm. Meanwhile, our mission of opening new doors for underserved, high-caliber and diverse investment managers  in the industry stays the same. 


Happy new year, everyone! Our successes in 2022 could not have been accomplished without the team’s hard work and dedication, and we are excited for continued achievements in 2023! 

– Lisa Langley, CEO/Founder, Emerge

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